About Us


Welcome to Cubic Share


Where Businesses Can Find The Space They Need To Grow We know that running a business is challenging, especially when you don't have  enough space!

 That is why Cubic Share wanted to help businesses find warehouse storage facilities and reach the next level of success. 

The Cubic Share mission is to match businesses with warehouses that meet their needs and work with their budget.

Whether you have a small online business that is outgrowing your home office, or   you need additional warehouse storage for a large-scale company,

Cubic Share can connect you with your perfect fit. 


The Storage Space You Need Now, With Flexible Terms For The Future

The Cubic Share platform offers warehouse storage spaces without long-term contracts,

so your company is never held back. Our safe and secure listings are available with a variety of contracts whether you need storage for a week, a month, or even a year. Cubic Share is a friend to business owners because we know that requirements can change over time.


Opportunities To Earn Passive Income 


The changing business landscape means many companies have been with empty storage spaces they no longer have use for.

On the Cubic Share platform, those businesses can rent out their space to business owners who need it and earn a passive income.


By Matching Businesses With Available Warehouses, Everyone Wins! 

Our platform is the bridge between renters and storage rentals, so companies can get the space to store their products,

and businesses aren't left with empty, unused space. Once renters set their requirements,

Cubic Share lists all available warehouse space in their area (and their budget), expediting the move-in process.


See The Cubic Share Difference

Cubic Share offers full-service warehouse renting, from connecting renters with spaces to finalizing the agreement and setting a move-in date.

Here offer clear terms, and flexible agreements, on a platform designed to be easy to use.


Cubic Share is convenient, with innovative tech and a friendly customer service team ready to help you every step of the way.

If you need space to grow your business or want to rent out unused warehouse space, we’re here to help!